COVID-19 Response Info for Service Customers

Covid-19 Xtreme Protocol

At Xtreme we value our customers and our employees, we want to make sure that we all stay safe. During this trying time, we will be doing things a little different to help make sure this happens. Starting today 3-23-20 we will implement the following Protocol.

  1. All Technicians will wear gloves when coming in contact with the appliance/surface we are working on, as well as while in the house/business. If not reusable gloves the gloves must be changed per Call. If Gloves are reusable they are to be disinfected after each call.  
  2. All Technicians will be required to wash their hands after each service call 
  3. Tools that are used in/on service calls are to be disinfected before going on to the next call
  4. All Technicians are to wear shoe covers when entering a service call and to use a new set on each service call
  5. All Technicians are to practice social distancing while doing the service call. Staying at least 6 feet apart. 

On top of this, Xtreme’s Technicians are to let Xtreme office personnel know if any family member living with them has had any symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19. Including themselves at which time they will be asked to stay home.
We also ask that our customers let us know if anyone has been sick or has come in contact with anyone testing positive or showing symptoms of the Covid-19 to help keep our employees safe.
Below are a list of symptoms from the CDC. 

  1. Cough
  2. Fever
  3. Tiredness
  4. Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Thanks for your consideration 
Scott Griffith 
Service Manager 

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